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Thank you for taking the time to visit my RozBodyFit Blog. For all of you interested in my healthy regimens and lifestyle.
I am a Mobile Independent Personal Trainer in the Summerlin/Las Vegas & Henderson areas of Nevada! I take my career seriously;
but most importantly, my clients. I genuinely care for each and everyone of my clients on a personal level. I consider myself a fun, energetic, determined & positive woman.  I am a Mobile Personal Trainer by title but I consider myself a Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach.
I am here to put you through a challenge that will make you uncomfotable in order to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself,
NOT by yourself! I am your accountability partner who will always be here for you and will make your next sesh HARD!!
I am here to make your days sore so that you will think triple before you indulge in your next sugary drink or snack!
I am here to make a change in your life... to believe in you...
to make a transformation in your everyday lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy reading; but most importantly,
I hope I am able to bring value to your time spent on my page. 
  • Founder / Owner of RozbodyFit 
  • Health & Fitness Lifestyle Mentor 
  • Mobile Personal Training: Las Vegas Strip, Summerlin & Henderson
  • Born in Los Angeles, CA; Raised in Las Vegas, NV. 
  • Guatemalan / El Salvadorian
  • Natural Bikini Bodybuilding Athlete
  • ​NPC Bikini Bodybuilding Competitor
  • Stealthletics Fitness Model
  • Fluently bi-lingual: Spanish & English
  • Musician -Play Alto Sax/Clarinet/Vocals/Lyricist
  • Texas Hold 'em Poker Player
  • Former Competitive Marching Band Leader "Drum Major"

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As a Health & Fitness mentor I believe in fun personalized fitness that achieves real results. After all, it is a new lifestyle my client and I are rediscovering for them to incorporate into their lifestyle. My personalized training sessions feature a range of HIIT cardio-vascular exercise, functional and weight training as well as bootcamp style group training. With my personalized fitness work-outs I have incorporated skill developing as well as functional training to improve reactions and level-specific challenges.
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My Story:

I entered the bikini bodybuilding competing world after my huge body transformation! I lost a total of 70 lbs and over 10% body fat! In my 1st  Bodybuilding Bikini Competion I was crowned 4th place on January 31, 2015; I competed for the NPC Legends Classic with the help and expertise of my incredibly talented trainers Gianluca Catapano and Mimi Macias. Without them I would have not been able to get through some of those extremly rough times...   After competing in 2 shows and achieving a National Qualification, I was a victim of several rear end motor vehicle accidents back to back to back for a couple of years. These motorvehicle accidents of course prevented me from being able to continue to bodybuild and forced me to focus on muscle rehabilitation as well as my nutrition in order to keep the results I had achieved to maintain my brand new body and lifestyle. I spent 2 years in muscle rehab and under chiropratic care until recently. Early in 2017 I decided to compete with the Natural Bodybuilding Bikini Competitions for my big come back to the competition stage. I competed May 13, 2017 at the INBA/PNBA International Battle Agaist Cancer Championships crowning 3rd place as well as the OBC Natural Competition show on June2, 2017!

I am a huge believer of the saying GO BIG or GO HOME & I decided to go big one day. That day was day ONE of many... but the greatest thing was that I never stopped or stalled for too long. I kept going and going and going... UNTIL! I have faced many battles and challenges throughout my career I would be lying if i said the contrary. However, I am extremely thankful for all the painful as well as wonderfu experiences I have endured as a person because that is the actual strength I am mostly proud of is my inner strength! I want to take this moment and thank you all who have supported me throughout my beautiful journey.

I am the type of person who has become obsessed with changing peoples lives for the better in anyway I can help them with. Sometimes the weight room is just a therapy session to the much needed stresses one must relieve themselves of. I have had the priviledge to find and be mentored by some of the most well respected business men asa well as health/fitness coaches. I couldn't have ever achieved any of my successess without the leadership and guidance of my mentors in my life. And I am here to tell you that I believe in you! I am the coach that will get you through it as I stand by your side from your first DAY ONE and many more to come! Do yourself a favor and make a decision TODAY!!! Change your life!
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